Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

In general, no special registration is required to access the site and obtain information. If users need to use the services that can be provided only after registration, they should register according to the requirements of this website, and it is deemed that users have agreed and promised that they will submit true, effective, up-to-date and complete information, and update the aforesaid registration information at any time for the aforesaid purposes.


The Company will strictly keep confidential and will not disclose or provide users' personal information to any irrelevant third party without prior written permission of users, unless required by laws, regulations, government or judicial authorities. At the same time, the website will take reasonable security measures to protect users' stored personal information.


In order to provide users with more accurate and targeted services, the Company may collect specific information of users, including but not limited to information obtained in the following ways: (1) personal registration information provided by users according to website requirement, and users' browser and computer information automatically received and recorded by the Company when users use this website, including but not limited to your IP address, browser type, the use of language, visit date and time, software and hardware feature information and the page record of your needs; And (2) The personal data of users obtained by the Company from business partners through lawful means.


The Company will respect and protect the personal information and personal data provided by users in accordance with laws, regulations and relevant provisions of this Privacy Policy.

1. The Company's use of users' personal information is limited to sending product or service information to customers; Or, with the consent of the user, to share with the third party that has a cooperative relationship with the Company, so that such third party can send the product or service information to the user.


2. Upon termination of relevant services or termination of cooperation between users and the Company, the Company will destroy users' personal information in a timely manner and prohibit third parties from continuing to use such information.


3. Without users' prior consent, the Company will not provide, sell, rent, share or exchange users' personal information to any unrelated third party, and will take reasonable measures to monitor and prohibit third parties from obtaining users' personal information by any means.


4. Notwithstanding the foregoing, we will provide or disclose the relevant information of users to such authorities or other third parties as required by laws, regulations or administrative or judicial authorities in cases where users may violate laws, regulations or mandatory government orders.


5. The Company has made efforts to take all reasonable security measures to protect user information security, prevent information leakage, damage or loss. However, due to the limitation of technology and various malicious behaviors, user information can not be absolutely safe.


6. Users shall properly protect their accounts, passwords and other personal information registered on the website, prudently provide such information to third parties, and shall be liable for the consequences arising therefrom.


7. The Company will update this Privacy Policy from time to time. By using the site, users are deemed to have agreed to the entire contents of this Privacy Policy and/or any updates or modifications thereof.


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