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The brewing process of "Long Jiang" adopts Daqu Kunsha technics and adheres to the ancient brewing method. It is elaborately blended by national level baijiu judges using aging liquor more than 20 or 30 years, and base liquor more than 15 years.

It is a consumer consensus that one should drink old liquor while drinking sauce liquor. "Long Jiang" made from old liquor going through decades can naturally be called liquid gold and "dragon in liquor", which is extremely noble and rare. Xiangjiao "Long Jiang" series products select red tassel glutinous sorghum for brewing and adhere to the "traditional Daqu sauce-aroma" brewing process: 1 cycle a year, 2 times adding raw materials, making Qu at Dragon Boat Festival, adding materials at Double Ninth Festival, 9 times steaming, 8 times fermentation and 7 times liquor withdrawals. All the base liquors are strictly selected. It is elaborately blended by national level baijiu judges using aging liquor more than 30 years, and base liquor stored in pottery jars for more than 15 years. The liquor is amber, transparent and slightly yellow. The aroma of the liquor is rich, and the sauce, burnt, and scorched aromas are harmonious. The sauce aroma is outstanding. It is comfortable after drinking, and the fragrance lasts for a long time in an empty cup.

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